About Us

Our Founder


Gabrielle Wong

The History of Discimus

Mar 2019

The Beginning

In 2019, many houses in rural Cambodia had been damaged from heavy flooding. This inspired me to travel there on a volunteer mission to paint and build new houses.

Apr 2019

The Inspiration

I also had the opportunity to visit local schools, read stories with children, and teach an English class! However, during school visits, the children told me that they had no access to computers or computer education, but really wanted to learn how to use one, and even code. This was the inspiration behind kickstarting Discimus Foundation.

Sep 2021

The Journey to Discimus

I decided to raise money to purchase computers for a charity centre in the village I had visited. When covid restrictions finally eased, I formerly started Tech for Changes Program in Sep 2021, which has eventually evolved into Discimus Foundation!