Our Projects

Computers For Schools

Through fundraising events, we have managed to raise over
$40,000 to purchase 45+ computers for our computer centres.

Our Computer Labs

Kitubula, Uganda

Peace II Village, Cambodia

Abuja, Nigeria

Makeni, Sierra Leone

Solwezi, Zambia

Nokor Pheas, Cambodia

Tech For Changes Academy

We teach a range of courses from basic computer knowledge, to the use of Microsoft Office applications and Canva, and to advanced course of coding and building websites.


Basic knowledge and skills of computer


Various applications, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Canva


Web Design Workshop: HTML, CSS, Java

About the Process


Provides an introduction to computing:


Covers functions and features of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Canva:

Advanced: Web Design Workshop

Project Agro

We help widows in Africa to plant cassava, a staple food for the families and source of income. Stable income ensures continuous education for the children.

Discimus Foundation provides land, labor, cassava stems, funds for herbicide and fertilizer for widows to produce sufficient staple food and family income in order to ensure continuous education for the children.